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Services for Associate and Licensed Therapists

Supervision, Consultation, Training and Book Study

Clinical Supervision for Licensure

Available for Oregon LPC and LMFT Associates

Working with new therapists working toward licensure is an especially enjoyable part of my career. As a former licensing board member, I balance the legal and ethical exploration with client conceptualization.


Between 2-3 hours of supervision are required monthly and my customary fee is $125 per session. 


Case Conceptualization, ethical decision making and practice management.  You may have a specific issue to address in one consultation or wish to develop a longer-term professional relationship.  Feel free to reach out to discuss your needs or schedule directly. I look forward to connecting. 

My customary fee for professional consultation is $150 per session. 

Trainings and Book Studies

Interesting is a deep dive into a particular therapeutic theory? Multiple times per year I run education groups for therapists on one of the following topics: IFS, attachment, couple’s therapy and others. Please contact me for more information.

We pick a book and read it together over the course of many months. Recent books include, “Come As You Are” and “No Bad Parts.” Through discussion and collaboration, clinicians develop a deeper understanding of core concepts and actually make it through a book!

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