Clinician Services

I work with therapists on practice management: financials to growth targets, goals to future needs.  Do you have the type of clients you want?  Do you have enough of them? Do you feel ethically up-to-date on HIPAA and other regulations?

Helping therapists grow is a passion.  I can only see so many clients myself, but by working with counselors to grow their businesses and support their good work I can have a greater impact on our community.

I offer the following services for counselors and therapists:

LPC & LMFT Intern Supervision

Supervision of post-masters interns registered with the State of Oregon.  My clinical work is guided by EFT, differentiation, family of origin and family systems work.  I specialize in boundaries and clinical issues in the private practice setting, however if you are receiving supervision via an agency job but need additional specialized guidance please contact me for rates.  As a result of my work on the Board, I am well able to guide you toward licensure.

Details:  $75 per individual supervision session, $50 per group session.

Practice Management Group: Geared for the Emerging Private Practice Clinician

This group is a low-cost way to connect with other emerging practitioners.  The bi-weekly group meets to discuss any aspect of practice management and client retention.  Topics may include marketing, networking, ethical concerns and other issues on the minds of the members.  

Details: Please contact for group start date.  Only $40 per meeting, 5 sessions in group cycle.  A great way to benefit from experienced leadership for only $200.

Telephone or In-Office Case Consultation: In Oregon & Out of State

I provide case consultation to interns and licensed practitioners.  Often I am contacted regarding issues that arise in couples therapy, which is a specialty of mine.  Sticky ethical situations are another favorite and as the chair of the Oregon State Licensing Board, I have perspective on where work goes awry and how to get back on track.

Details: $80 per hour.  Before we proceed I will send you documents in which you summarize issue before the consultation.  

The Ethical Private Practice: Launching Practice & Clean Up

When starting a practice most clinicians cobble practice documents together, poke around the internet to look at other therapists’ intake paperwork and cross their fingers they’re doing what they’re supposed to.  

My job as your practice coach is to help you feel secure in all aspects of your practice, from HIPAA to case notes vs psychotherapy notes; from insurance to financial planning & profit and loss statements.  I’ve spent time seeking expert advice and learning from the best.  Let me short-cut you through the forest of information.  When run as a group we follow an agenda for each of the 5 sessions, when one-on-one we tailor for your needs.  

Details: Pay what you get paid: If you charge your clients $40 per session, a session with me is $40.  If you charge your clients $125 per session, a session with me is $125.  

About me:  

I started my private practice in 2008 and within months grew my practice to my target client numbers.  Each year I’ve met my financial goals while maintaining a part-time private practice, reining two wild boys and mostly finding harmony between soccer practices, being a spouse and volunteer work.